Re-Bath Bathroom Remodeling Framingham

Simple Steps To Make You Bathroom Safer and Comfortable

People are staying in their homes well into their golden years to maintain independence. People with disabilities or mobility issues also want to stay in their homes, and they should be able to do so. There are simple things you can have done to your bathroom now that will make it safer and more comfortable. You do not have to wait until a family member trips into the doorway or falls in the shower before taking action. You can do small things one at a time, over time so the cost is manageable and there is no inconvenience.

Re-Bath Bathroom Remodeling Pembroke can help you begin that process today. Wider doors, for example, make getting into and out of the bathroom easier for everyone. Yes, it may be needed for a walker or wheelchair, but it is also needed as you age and your body starts shifting. A wider door also makes it easier for a home health care worker to support someone while they are getting into the bathroom. You may be thinking you won't need one, but in the event of a leg injury, for example, you will definitely need one. It is a subtle difference that no one will even notice.

Better lighting is another example. Not only will it be easier to see in the bathroom, it can also make your bathroom shine. You can give it some style, and reap the benefits of clearer vision in your bathroom. Grab bars are safer for everyone because your tub and shower are slippery. A little security is a benefit at any age. Hand held shower devices can be added to your regular shower.

You can have that in place in case a parent or grand parent is staying in your guest room over the holidays. Re-Bath Bathroom Remodeling Framingham can also remodel your bathroom with other added features when you need them to be in place. Walk in tubs, walk in showers, shower seats, and handicap toilets can all be installed quickly when you need to have them installed. Making your bathroom safer for everyone will save you time and money.

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